Monday, May 27, 2019

Popular Myths About Social Security Disability Benefits

Those are entitled to receive social security benefits may have a tendency to worry over how their individual situations will play out. It is first important to not get caught up in listening to anyone who is not a qualified social security attorney. There are a lot of myths circulating about receiving social security disability benefits and here are some of the more popular ones.

Myth: All claims get denied on the first attempt.

This is simply not true. The cases are separated into separate categories, which include mental, physical or a combination of both. Each case is unique and when there is a condition involved, there is an urgency to settle the matter and get the required assistance. That has enabled claims to get settled on the first attempt.

Myth: Doctors determine disability benefits.

Doctors can offer reports and recommendations on a person’s physical condition, although they are not the ones whose word determines whether someone gets disability benefits. There is a process that typically requires the presentation of medical reports and results, although a doctor has no say in the final decision.

Myth: You have to appear disabled to get benefits.

Not all disabilities have to be noticeable. Some people suffer from chronic pain which is not accompanied by any brace, crutches or wheelchair. There are also mental conditions that lead to disabilities, which have no physical signs. Just because you have a disability does not mean you have to appear disabled to get social security benefits Columbia SC.

Myth: Alcoholics and drug users cannot get disability benefits.

Social security disability benefits are granted in cases that show an alcohol or drug problem has nothing to do with a person’s disability. These can sometimes be coping mechanisms for people suffering from mental and physical disabilities. Having an issue with drugs or alcohol will not automatically disqualify a claimant.

Myth: Social security cases lag on for years.

Some social security disability cases have a tendency to drag on, but that is not a staple for all cases. When the first application is denied the appeal process can extend well beyond a year. But, in cases where a claimant has a deteriorating medical condition, the case can actually get pushed up. Some cases can be settled in just a few months as there is no standard time frame.

The most important part of working your way towards getting benefits is to hire an attorney. Contact LEIP Law for a social security disability benefits lawyer in Columbia, SC.

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