Monday, February 22, 2021

Large Firms versus Local Personal Firm

When hiring a lawyer, the first step is to narrow down the type of attorney that is needed. The next step is figuring out whether you want to hire a large firm or a local firm that has a more personal touch. Here are some advantages that come with hiring a smaller law firm.


Some larger law firms rarely take on individual clients as they deal more with corporations and businesses. A smaller law firm features a staff that not only knows their clients’ names but is also privy to the details of pretty much all its cases. That allows a smaller law firm to provide a more personal feel while work one-on-one with clients instead of just another file.

Attention to Detail

Larger firms may have a tendency to pass cases around to different attorneys. While more eyes may seem better, it is easy for some details to get overlooked. In a smaller firm, there can be a greater attention to detail because attorneys are extremely familiar with each case and client.

Cost Efficiency

Smaller firms have a lower overhead, which means they do not have to charge exorbitant fees for legal services SC. In bigger firms, there may also be more billable hours because paperwork can get passed around to a variety of attorneys. This additional time winds up costing clients. There are also instances when larger firms require a senior partner to clear certain things This amounts to more time and more costs.

Areas of Concentration

Smaller law firms tend to concentrate on certain areas of law. This can make them more adept than larger firms with more recognizable names. Knowing a few areas in great detail can provide clients with better service, a better experience and a more favorable outcome. Larger firms that specialize in a lot of different areas of law may be well-versed in many practice areas, but may not be considered experts in all areas.


Try calling a large firm and getting your attorney on the phone. You will likely have to go through a few people before that and chances are that you will not even be able to reach your attorney. Many times, you wind up waiting a long time for a callback. A smaller firm has lawyers that actually answer their phones and can take your questions right away.

LEIP Law (Attorneys Lee Eadon Isgett Popwell and Owens) is a smaller firm that provides a professional touch. Our lawyers take the time to work with each client to provide a truly unique experience.